Let the fun begin!

Zoe is a great napper.

I don't mean to brag (OK... maybe a little). I just want to use this statement to set up what happened earlier this week.

So, Zoe is a great napper. We have this great routine... and it works.

We have lunch.
We clean up.
We head upstairs.
We close the shades.
We read a couple books.
We rock in the chair.
I put Zoe in the crib (with a couple books now).
I say "night night Baby, night night Eeyore, night night other Baby (because that's it's name) night night etc. etc. etc."
I end with "night night Zoe".
Zoe giggles.
I say "love you, see you later, night night".
I close the door.
Zoe calls "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"
By the time I get to the bottom of the stairs Zoe is "quiet".
Zoe reads to her friends.
Zoe chats with her friends.
Zoe sings to her friends.
Eventually Zoe is quiet and asleep.
2 hours later (give or take) Zoe wakes up.
Sometimes she cries for me.
Sometimes she plays for a bit and then cries for me.
I go upstairs and get Zoe.
Zoe and Mommy are both well rested.

The other day she altered our routine a bit.
Same deal up to the "Zoe is eventually quiet and asleep".
Change it to...
Zoe continues reading/chatting/singing with her friends for an hour.
Zoe starts to loudly audibly wiggle (I still keep a monitor with me during nap).
Zoe starts to giggle.
Zoe starts to call "Mommy!" "Mommy!" "Mommy!" in a fun/funny kinda way.
I give up on nap and go to see what the silliness is all about.
I find this.....

Zoe looks confused and says "where jammas?"
I laugh hysterically and run for the camera.

So I have a naptime nudest on my hands. 1 day of total nudity. 2 days of topless. 1 day where I was soooo thankful the diaper stayed on because it was a big stinky mess. What to do, what to do.