LBI - Sixth Day (Friday, June 22)


Our last day of vacation. So sad. It really went too quickly.

We got in one more vacation style breakfast. We also squeezed in a couple hours at the beach and pool before we had to check out of the hotel. Six days of beach sun and Zoe has quite the tan lines... even with 50 SPF!

We left the hotel and headed to Barnegat Light. No trip to LBI seems complete without a visit to see Old Barney... the lighthouse. It was an absolutely gorgeous day... the worst kind of day to leave the shore. (Last days are better being raining and dreary.... so you're glad to be going). Not for our last day though. Perfectly sunny, perfect temperature. Lovely.

We looked at the lighthouse. We didn't attempt the climb up with Zoe. I knew she wouldn't climb all of the stairs... and we weren't about to carry her all the way up. So... we just looked from the ground. The we walked out along the water. They have a long walkway and sometimes, if the tide is high enough... you get splashed by the waves as they hit the rocks. Zoe loved just running along the sidewalk and stopping long enough to look at a seagull or let a passer comment on how cute she was.

On our way out Nick was taking a picture of Zoe and me. A nice young girl stopped and asked if we would like her to take one of the three of us together. Yeah! Quite a rare thing... and picture of all three of us. So, we took her up on it. She then asked if she could also take a picture of us with her camera. She told us it was the 50th anniversary of the lighthouse and she was writing an article for the local paper. She asked us a few questions about our visit... why we come, what we do, was it our first time visiting. So... maybe we'll be in the local paper. She said she would e-mail us and let us know... and send us a couple of her pictures. We'll see. If nothing else... we have a picture proving we were all together on vacation!

Before leaving the island we stopped for lunch. One more chance for Nick (and Zoe) to have some clams. One more chance for me to have some crab legs. Then, we were off to drive back home. We made very good time. Hit no traffic. Zoe took a nap for about 45 minutes, which helped the ride go faster for her I'm sure.

So... we had a wonderful vacation. We keep saying we should try going to another beach sometime... but then we have such an amazing time on LBI. Guess we'll see what happens when we book a trip next summer!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip... and seeing our vacation pictures and videos. I know I'm glad I've taken the time to put our little trip journal together!