LBI - Second Day (Monday, June 18)

Zoe woke up bright and early on Monday. A little too early for us. We did get a 2 room suite... but the crib was in the bedroom with us so as soon as she realized this there was no going back to sleep. I brought her into bed and we all cuddled for a bit.

We all got ready and walked to breakfast. After breakfast we went back to the hotel and suited up for the beach and the pool. Zoe enjoyed some digging in the sand, but the ocean made her anxious. She only enjoys the beach for so long (takes after Mommy) and decided it was time to rinse off and do some pool swimming. I was ready myself, but Nick stayed in the sand and swam in the ocean a little on his own.

The hotel has a great pool side restaurant and bar. We ate lunch there everyday. Nick usually enjoyed the fish tacos (sounds kinda yuck to me... but he says they're delicious). I stuck with the chips and fresh made salsa, and the lump crab meat cocktail (joined by either a frozen mudslide, or a pina colada, or something called a strawberry shortcake, yummy). Zoe loved the chips... but we were glad we thought to pack some macaroni and cheese (the room had a microwave!) and grapes.

After lunch Zoe and I headed up to the room for nap time. The sunshine and ocean air worked wonders. Zoe drifted right off to sleep. I took that time to do some reading. (Used to enjoy reading on the beach... can't do that with a 2 year old!!!)

Right after Zoe fell asleep Grandma, Aunt Andrea, Larisa, Alex, and Nina arrived. They joined us for 2 days of vacation. When Zoe woke up she was thrilled to see her cousins. They had a great time together.

We all got ready and walked to dinner. Delicious seafood (yes, again). Then we spent a little time looking at the boats in the bay with the kids. Stopped for a little ice cream on the way back to the hotel (it's not a vacation if there's no ice cream!) and then went out to the beach for a little bit.

Andrea had her camera, so she took pictures at the bay and at the beach. So, I didn't take any... sorry.

Day 2 = a success!