LBI - Fourth Day (Wednesday, June 20)

Zoe actually slept a little later. Probably because she was worn out from the non-stop fun we'd had on Tuesday. When she woke up we got ready for breakfast. It was raining (the only rain we saw all week) but it was still quite warm out. It was the only morning we decided to drive to breakfast.

When we came back from breakfast Zoe, Alex, and Larisa enjoyed a little "puddle jumping" before we headed into our rooms. Since it was the last day for Alex and Larisa (and Aunt Andrea and Nina and Grandma) we decided that we would ignore the rain and get in a little beach and pool time anyway. What a little rain when you're going to get wet anyway, right?

We headed down to the beach first. It was kind of nice (even with the rain). We had the whole beach to ourselves. Just us and the lifeguards. I think the lifeguards thought we were a little crazy... but oh well. We had fun.

After getting covered in sand we took a quick dip in the pool. We rinsed off ourselves and the sand toys. (The kids were all wet... even their hair. That was from rain... not the pool!) Again, we really enjoyed ourselves. Once in a while I think it's good for you to be a little silly. I think the kids enjoyed seeing their Mommies being silly. How often do you go out in the rain?

Once we'd had enough we went up to the room. They had checked out of their rooms, so Alex and Larisa hopped into the tub with Zoe to rinse off before getting on the road. We were sorry to see them leave and hope that next time we can spend a longer vacation together.

Since it was raining we headed out for lunch (couldn't eat at the pool restaurant). We ate at one of our favorite restaurants (Ship Bottom Shellfish). Yep... seafood again. Zoe tried a little bit of Daddy's steamed littleneck clams and she was very curious about Mommy's king crab legs. After a yummy lunch we headed back to the hotel for naptime.

We had plans for after dinner, so we had a quick and early dinner at the poolside restaurant (since the rain had stopped and it was sunny again).

After dinner we went to the Surflight Theatre. They have a children's theater group and it was the first night for Winnie the Pooh. We figured we would give it a try. For $9 a ticket... if Zoe couldn't stand it (or if we couldn't stand it) we thought we would leave. Well... Zoe loved it. I think she is going to totally love seeing musicals and concerts of just about any kind. After every song she would raise her hands way above her head and then quickly pull her hands down and clap in this crazy fast way and yell "YEAH!!!!" Nick and I were more entertained by Zoe's reaction than we were by the show. The costumes were odd (Pooh had a full head... everyone else just had makeup) the songs were bad, I think the actors could've done a better job being the characters we all know, and the storyline was silly. But all of that said... Zoe did love it, and since we've been home she now has an attachment to an Eeyore beanie-baby that was mine but has been sitting in here room (along with Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger) in a basket. Why Eeyore I'm not sure... except I will admit he's my favorite too.

After the show we went for a walk with ice cream in mind. We got slightly side tracked when we tried to walk past Fantasy Island without stopping. Zoe begged (in her limited toddler way) to go on the rides. I convinced Nick to go on the ferris wheel even though it makes him a little nervous. When we got off Zoe let us know she wanted to go on the "truck, truck, truck". Oh what fun for Mommy

With the need for a ride satisfied we quickly made a run for it... straight to Ben and Jerry's. Zoe hadn't really liked ice cream until very recently. Previously, she might take a little taste before wrinkling her nose up. Now she digs in all by herself.

With bellies full of ice cream we walked back to the hotel. We took a quick stroll on the beach. It was VERY quick. As soon as we got there we were attacked by a gazillion little gnat bugs. The beach is no fun with those teeny tiny pests. When we got up to the room I had give Zoe her 2nd bath of the day... she actually had those little buggies in her hair!!! Yuck.

Day 4 - all in all a good day.... just leave out those bugs next time!