LBI - First Day (Sunday, June 17)

We started our drive to Long Beach Island after lunch. We had hopes that Zoe might take a nap in the car. She did... but only about 20 minutes. Just a little cat nap. I guess it was enough... because she remained in a pretty good mood for the rest of the day.

As soon as we checked into our room we got ready and headed down to the beach. Zoe was a little unsure about the sand and the ocean... but she improved as the days went by. On the first day, she was pretty happy when we packed up and headed back to the room.

We were all tired, but got ready to go out for dinner and walked over to the bay side. We planned on seafood every night. It's just the thing to eat while we're at the beach! Zoe tried a bite of scallop and fish, and wrinkled her nose at both. She was satisfied with her hot dog.

After dinner we stopped to look at the boats in the bay. Zoe made sure to point out all of the seagulls she could find. We stopped at the market on the way back to the hotel. Zoe helped by carrying some paper towels, which she became rather attached to. She gave them up when we went out to take one more look at the beach before bedtime.

It was a long day... but a good one!