LBI - Fifth Day (Thursday, June 21)


A much more calm vacation day. We were on our own again. Zoe made sure to ask about "Alex" (who use to be called Axe) "Isa" (Larisa) and "Ina" (Nina) quite a few times. We had so much fun with them. It took us a little while to adjust to being just the 3 of us again.

We started our morning off with the same routine. Zoe woke early, a little snuggle, got ready to go, walked to breakfast.

We came back to the room and got ready for the beach. We were so lucky with the weather. We had another beautiful day with a lovely beach breeze. Zoe was a little better with the sand... and you can see in the pictures and video that she perfected her own personal sand castle building technique.

We came back up to the pool area and did a little swimming. At lunch time we stuck by the pool side. I guess Zoe was a little jealous of our yummy frozen drinks at lunch, so we got her a smoothie. Strawberries and vanilla ice cream with ice (blended). Yum! (my version included amaretto - yummier)

After lunch... nap. I have to say that I'm VERY impressed that Zoe took a nap every day. Guess that beach air and sunshine really worked wonders. Wish I could bring that back here and keep it in the back yard!

We went dinner. Nick and I both had lobster. He had something they called a "lobster bake" and I had lobster tail. Zoe wasn't too into lobster... more for us! She stuck with a hot dog. She also ate quite a few of these (horrible) dry cracker-ball-things. I just don't know how to explain them better than that. Two of our favorite restaurants are both owned by the same person (Ship Bottom Shellfish and The Black Whale). They keep these "crackers" on the tables in a huge heavy glass. Zoe could eat them throughout dinner. I will admit that they're the kind of thing that once you eat one... you need to eat more. They actually aren't too bad dipped/drowned in cocktail sauce.

After the dinner we decided we would try to fit in a "bike" ride. Last year we rented one of those 2 seater "surry" bikes. Nick and I peddled and Zoe road in the front basket. We really enjoyed it so we wanted to do it again. Well, either we were in much better shape last September... or the surry we rented this time was in much worse shape. It was awful. We didn't even get 15 minutes away from the rental place and we had to turn back. I think my legs still hurt.

We headed back to the hotel and stopped at the beach one more time. It was REALLY windy so we didn't stay out too long.

Day 5 - Wonderful and relaxing (if you just ignore that whole surry episode!)

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