Lazy Mom or MultiTask Magician?

I call myself the queen of convenience. If it can be delivered or done via drive-thru then I’m all in. It’s important to note that these days I’m lugging around a 3 1/2 year-old and 1 1/2 year old on most adventures. And while my pint-sized companions often offer humor and innocence in exchange for cooperation, there are some errands more easily accomplished sans children or during a car nap. Furthermore, as we begin the season of colds, flu, and all things germs, I sometimes prefer to keep them away from the places where it’s inevitable to encounter a parade of coughs and sneezes. The irony is my oldest is in preschool so I’m no stranger to sickness. It’s a rite of passage for the little ones, but I boost the immune system or safeguard them whenever possible.

In Madison and nearby areas, we’re surrounded by flexible and family-friendly options for the most tedious or typical errands. In 2017 my fellow mama and blogger Laura Axler provided us with a list of drive-thru options that showcased the many services easily afforded to us without leaving the car. I keep it printed and in my car. It’s served me well on several occasions.

Below I’ve added to the list, and I’ve also emphasized or evaluated services that while not drive-thru, save time or preserve positivity in the midst of mommy mania.

Shop Rite from Home in Chatham is offering a steal on services through 12/29. For 4.99 you can order and pick up groceries. This has saved me multiple times this month. Furthermore, they’ll come to your car if the weather is bad or the little ones aren’t up for a quick trip into the store. This discounted service fee is begging for business!

I am a regular at the Chatham Starbucks. I’m one of those insane people who wait in the car line fifteen deep post preschool drop-off. Have you seen the line on a weekday at 9:15 a.m.? It requires patience and the promise of a venti-anything caffeine based. But did you know that Dunkin Donuts in Madison has a curbside pick-up? The Dunkin app allows for preordering and paying, which makes the deal that much sweeter.

I'm a big Instacart fan, especially when in a pinch. Stores like Wegmans, Whole Foods, CVS, and Costco deliver. And while the fees or products can be pricier, it's incredibly helpful for the last-minute needs or forgotten items. Note: not all products are pricier. Read the Instacart policies for a better understanding.

Have no fear Door Dash is here. Sometimes our date nights happen at the dining room table. We try to order in and eat sans kiddos so we can focus on conversation instead of continual clean up. And while there are a lot of options in terms of the local cuisine circuit, some restaurants don't offer delivery. Door Dash has made it possible for us to both be present for bedtime and still be served fare from restaurants who traditionally don't deliver.

And while there are many options to consider in terms of drive-thru and delivery, there's also a lot of local-based businesses that go that extra mile to make things simpler and smoother.

Tons of Toys gift wrapping rocks my world. P.S. Did you know they assemble those super complicated or detailed toys for a fee as well? Stop in and ask them about it. And remember their complimentary gift wrapping this holiday season.

Madison Pharmacy delivers balloons. It makes a birthday party or special event operation much easier.

For the holiday meals that can get complicated or chaotic, consider catering. Chef Loryn and Harvest Bistro offer options that fit various budgets and scenarios.

I know there's more to unearth or discuss on this subject, so I'll happily return to this list on the regular. Laura Axler, thanks the inspiration. I know I'm not a lazy mom, but rather one who is determined to maximize time for memories while balancing the responsibilities rendered to me as a mama. Here's to efficient errands and seamless services.