I've been very blog lazy lately. The day goes by and the next thing I know I haven't posted anything. It's not like I have nothing to post. I can think of tons of things to post. And, of course I have pictures from Christmas and Florida to be posted... and stories to share. Just can't seem to get myself to get to it.

I have been trying to keep up with reading blogs... but I've been lazy about commenting. I just checked my google reader for the very first time today (which is shocking to me... I usually check it a couple times a day at least). 94 posts to read... not bad. But, I don't feel like reading now. So click... away goes the reader list for now.

Blog lazy. Writing and reading lazy.


I'm afraid that when I finally get motivated to post I'll be so far behind on what I want to post that I'll get overwhelmed and keep putting it off. A never ending circle of lazy.

Lazy lazy lazy.

Any ideas to get over the blog laziness?