Laundry Angels offer heavenly service


This is good. Really good.

If you’ve ever struggled to keep everyone in clean clothes, and clean towels in the bathroom, and clean sheets on the bed (be honest) this is your luck day! Laundry Angels is here to help.

The concept of Madison resident Michael Hoskam and his wife Nina Ratzrnan, Laundry Angels is a wash and fold laundry service with free pickup and delivery.  Retired from a career of managing country clubs, Hoskam took an opportunity to revive a Sussex County laundromat, which he named “Suds City.” Seeing the potential to expand the business and add a new service, he began Laundry Angels.

If there were real laundry angels, I think they would operate just as Hoskam does. The truck, painted with lots of bubbles and 3D wings sprouting from it’s back, comes to customers’ doors, picks up the dirty laundry and delivers a column of crisply folded clean clothes. Blink and you’ll miss Hoskam delivering the thing many a Madison mom values as much as Santa’s bounty on Christmas. But the effects are nothing short of angelic.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that Laundry Angels is our sponsor for the month of April. And, so that we might better understand how it all works, Hoskam let me try the service for free! My husband kept asking me why I was giggling when I told him about it, but I know you understand.

I can tell you that it is so easy and makes such a big difference in our house. I sent them all of my towels and some of our clothes (I didn’t want to bankrupt the guy with six people’s laundry). Everything came back perfectly folded. I even forgot to put my bags out one Monday and Hoskam rang the door. (Twinkling eyes: check; merry dimples: check, hair on head white as snow: check. No fur-trimmed outfit, but he did leave with a bundle of laundry flung on his back.) He agreed to come back in 15 minutes once I had my items ready to go. (I did laugh when I saw him, in spite of myself.)


As you can imagine, I have a lot of laundry to deal with. Over the years, I have tried wash and fold services either because one of my machines broke or I was just overwhelmed. I have never been able to find pick up and delivery until now. Not only is it convenient, it’s so much less back breaking. That laundry can be heavy! Also, you can sign up for Laundry Angels at their website. It is easy to leave instructions if you want a certain type of detergent or other specific requests.

Laundry Angels will take $20 off your first order. If you have 20 pounds of laundry, which is about a week of laundry including bed linens and towels for two people, that would be just $9 for your laundry next week!


Laundry Angels