A last minute Santa visit

Every year Santa comes to Madison, NJ and spends some time in his little Madison house right by the train station. Every time we would drive by Zoe would ask if Santa was in his house... or at the North Pole. (Santa would only spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings and weekends in Madison, you see. Otherwise he had important North Pole business to attend to.) All month I would tell Zoe "We'll go see him soon." or "He's not there today." or "We can't go today, we've got swim lessons/dance class/etc."

Finally... the Tuesday before Christmas... Santa's VERY LAST DAY in Madison... we went to visit him (because what choice did Mommy really have after promising?). The snow had come the weekend before (the snow, and rain, and snow, and sleet, and rain, and snow) and the roads and sidewalks weren't very well cleared. The wind was fierce. Pushing Ana in the stroller over unshoveled, icy, snow packed sidewalks was a major chore.

But... we made it.

And on the afternoon before Christmas Eve... this is where Santa asked Zoe to please remember to leave him some fresh baked cookies and milk... and some carrots for the reindeer.

Do you know what the stores were like that afternoon? But, after braving the treacherous icy snow covered path to Santa... Zoe insisted we must bake cookies... and that reindeer absolutely must have carrots.

Thanks Santa.