The Last Days: A Sequel to Peeps (book review)

written by Scott Westerfeld.

The cover of The Last Days says it's a sequel to Peeps.  It IS a sequel in that on a time line The Last Days happens after Peeps.  The book definitely follows in that the vampire causing parasites that were spreading in the first book have wreaked havoc in NYC and are bringing on apocalyptic condition.  There is an entire new cast of characters.  They don't have any connection to what went on in the first book other than they are living in the same NYC that is being taken over by the disease. Where Peeps focused on the biology of parasites The Last Days focuses on music and the 5 characters coming together to form a band.  If you haven't read Peeps, you will catch up with what is going on as the characters do.  I had trouble trying to figure out exactly how to explain this book.  I read a lot of reviews trying to get my thoughts straight and found one on Amazon that was definitely the most enlightening.  Much better than my jumbled thoughts. A couple of the characters from the first book do make an appearance in the final chapters... but you don't get any more of their story.  There are also references to the first book here and there.  Even though I wouldn't recommend reading this book without reading Peeps.. I could see enjoying the story anyway.

The Last Days was definitely much more fitting to the "young adult" genre than Peeps.