Kindergarten Begins

Today my baby became a kindergartner.

She was SO excited.  No worries.  No fears.  No questions.  Just pure excitement.

I was so proud of her.  She is so unlike I was.  (I seem to remember how I spent circle time sitting UNDER my teacher's chair.  I would also cry so I wouldn't have to play in gym.  That is how shy and nervous I was.)  I don't quite know where her confidence comes from... but she just glows with it.

Zoe's enthusiasm was contagious.  Ana was ready to hop right on the school bus with Zoe and grab a seat.  (We'll see how Ana deals with her first day of toddler school next week!!!)

When the bus showed up (EARLY) I was barely able to slow Zoe down long enough to get the few pictures I was able to snap.  She's already giving me the attitude and the "MOM I HAVE TO GO!  THE BUS IS WAITING!"

She jumped right on the bus and quickly found a seat next her new friend Jackson (he's a neighbor we met just over a week ago).  When the bus driver asked me to climb on and check that her seat belt was on properly she had already claimed her seat by Jackson and was buckled in safe and sound.  She and Jackson were both all smiles.

I wished Zoe luck and told her to have fun at school and then the school bus whisked her away from me.  I'm proud to say I did not cry one tear as the bus pulled away.  (I can not say the same right now as I look at the photos and type.  oh well. What can I say... I'm a sap.)

A few hours later I was sitting on our front step waiting for the little yellow bus to come back down our street.  When the bus brought Zoe back to me she was still wearing her sparkling smile.  She had stories of what her teacher was wearing (she had on a pink shirt and NO ponytail), and told me all about the library rules and how we have to be careful with her borrowed book, and how they got to eat snack, and how they had to tiptoe to go outside before the end of school "because we couldn't let the big kids know we were getting outside time!", and how Jackson asked her for a kiss goodbye...but she didn't do it (ALREADY?????).

I hope she always has such a true love of school.  That her confidence stays strong.  That her smile always sparkles.  That she finds friends so easily.

No matter what... she will always have a proud Mommy waiting for her to come home.