My Kids Master The Unknown

I love a good brunch spot! We usually go to the same family friendly place (Winberies in Summit) but for Father’s Day we wanted to try something new. My husband and I have been to the Black Horse Pub & Tavern before for dinner but we have never gone with our kids. I’m always a bit nervous taking my whole tribe somewhere new. I can’t help but wonder silly things. Things like “I wonder if they’ll sit us next to a table with no kids” or “Will they sit us close to the bathroom” and another constant thought “will we be the only ones there with this many kids”. We showed up to brunch this past Sunday and I was pleasantly surprised! Upon walking into the restaurant we were greeted by not one, not two, but three friendly faces. They walked us into the dining room and showed us to our table. The first thing I noticed was that there were, indeed, a lot of kids in the dining area. After we switched out a seat for a high chair and got everyone else situated at the table, our Father’s Day Brunch began! While the food was in a totally separate room, it was small enough where after escorting my older 2 boys up the first time, we allowed them to go back as they wanted more. Same went for the bathroom. Although it was upstairs, after the first trip up there together, we allowed them to go alone and even take my 4 year old. As people were shuffling in and out getting food and sitting down, I quickly noticed the table directly next to us. There sat a mom, dad, and their 4 young children. I felt like throwing up my hand, holding up 4 fingers to let that mom know that I knew exactly what she was feeling and thinking and wondering and to almost let her know that she’d get no flack from us when that drink spilled or one of her kids accidentally fell off their chair.

Before long we were all sitting there eating our food, having a great time! I was so proud of my kids. They really handled this new place well! They tried new food, as they always do. They drank from their large glasses trying ever so carefully not to spill. They used their manners without having to be reminded of it. It always brings me such pride when complete strangers come over and tell me how well behaved my children have been. I guess I really should give them more credit and try not stress so much when it comes to the unknown.