Kid Destroys Makeup In Sephora: What Would You Do?


This post has been making the rounds on Facebook, and I thought I'd bring it here and see what y'all had to say about it. To make a long story short, a makeup artist at Sephora (the makeup heaven of the mall) snapped a picture of a destroyed display of makeup and lamented that a small child had destroyed over $1300 of products. She went on to blame the parent of the child who went on a rampage through the store, and came to the conclusion that children in stores have been let loose, and there should be consequences. Here's the shocking photo.

That picture will haunt my dreams. Anyway, listen. We all have seen kids run wild in a store. I saw it last night. The exhausted mother, the hyperactive child, the products being thrown on the floor the moment the poor mother turned her back. It happens. But this kind of destruction takes time and dedication to the mess, and there really should be consequences. But what should they be?

As for the original post, it got a lot of attention on Facebook. There quickly became two sides: Team Sephora, who called for the parents of the destructive child to pay for the ruined products, and gave tons of unsolicited parenting advice, and Team Mom, who said that hey, kids destroy things at stores, it happens, and it had nothing to do with the mother's parenting. They went on to say that the store didn't have a case, and that destroyed displays came with the territory. The two sides quickly and passionately went to war. So who is right?

If you are looking for my opinion, it's a complex one. To be quite honest, my first and gut reaction was one of horror. How could any parent allow this to happen? That's some extremely costly damage, and it must have taken time to complete. And the cleanup! What poor employee was going to clean up this disaster? Where was the parent while this tiny human was running wild for enough time to create this mess? I admit, dear readers, I was firmly on Team Sephora.


On the other hand, I thought of that parent, and how horrified she must have been to see what her tiny human had done. I felt for her, and imagined how she must have felt when she saw what had happened. On another, more logical, less emotional side, there are monies set aside in a corporation for destroyed products, and I'm sure Sephora wasn't going to go broke because of this destruction. But...How could this possibly have happened if the parent was looking after the child properly? What constitutes proper parenting? Ah. There it is. There's the sticky wicket.

What constitutes proper parenting? Everyone is going to have a different opinion. And that's why posts like this are so dangerous. Once we start judging parenting styles, people are going to get defensive and angry. I see why, as well. How dare someone judge another person's parenting style when they don't know the life of that parent? I see that. I understand that. But when do we draw the line? Is it drawn at the case of the Sephora story?

I was raised in the 80s. I was taught you do not, DO NOT touch anything at stores. And I didn't. My brother, however, flung a carton of eggs out of the shopping cart as a toddler, so even my mother's hard and fast rules had holes in them (She paid for the eggs.)   So the best laid plans, etc etc. No parenting rules are foolproof (or toddler-proof, if we're sticking with the theme.) It's just the way of the world. So what to do in the strange case of the Sephora and the Child?

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