Jungle Adventures (in May)

This was our 2nd trip to Jungle Adventures in Christmas, Florida.  I'm beginning to think it's not possible to visit Florida without seeing alligators. 

Zoe had fed the baby alligators before... but this was Ana's first time.  She and Zoe both seem to love feeding creatures.

I personally really enjoyed seeing the Lemurs.  (They always make me think of Zaboomafoo.)

Peek-a-boo!!!  Um... you got any food for me?

Feeding the foxes.

Enjoying some shade.  It was a pretty hot day.


Florida Panthers.

Ana and Zoe and an alligator.

My big blue eyed girls.

Zoe would hold any creature you would hand too her.

And if Zoe wants it... Ana wants it too.  (Over exposed.... but Ana was like "want that!" and the man gave her the snake.)

Zoe was thrilled to hold this tarrantula.  (ICK ICK ICK)

Ana was not satisfied until that big hairy spider was in her chubby little hand.  (YUCK YUCK YUCK)

And the scorpion.  Gotta hold the scorpion. (This type didn't have a stinger.... just a "fake" poker on their tail)  Ana held the scorpion too... but I missed that photo.

Laurie Berkner's song "I'm gonna get you, you better run" comes to mind for some reason.

I believe this man was slightly crazy.

Zoe LOVES her orange juice.  It was a pretty nice way to end the day.

Ana seemed to enjoy every part of the day.  I think I might be in trouble with my creature friendly girls.