Jolly OLD Saint Nick

The Christmas decorations are all out of storage.  The front of our house is all a-twinkle.  Inside my house you can't turn around without finding a snowman... or an elf... or Santa.  Every year there is a little bit more.  (I think, perhaps, a bit of my Aunt Pru's Christmas Spirit lives here.) This year the most noticeable addition is to our house is Jolly old Saint Nicholas (aka Ugly Santa, aka Creepy Santa).  Now, Santa actually joined us last year.  He was my Aunt Pru's Santa.  He is huge in my childhood memories.  He was just always there.  I was looking at some of Aunt Pru's photos this weekend (photos I STILL have to scan) and I found multiple pictures of Ugly Santa... some dated 1965 (possibly some older).  Jolly old St. Nick is OLD.

Last year, when we brought him home from Aunt Pru's house, the girls wouldn't allow him to come in.  My brother and I used to call him Ugly Santa... Zoe and Ana renamed him Creepy Santa.  He spent all of last December (and some of January) sitting in a booster seat in the 3rd row of the minivan.  It WAS slightly creepy to see him back there whenever I looked in the rear-view mirror... but he helped out a little whenever I needed to get the girls to calm down (I mean... what better reaction is there to say "Santa can see you fighting!" and have them both slowly turn their heads to look at Santa sitting in the back seat?  He's awesome.)

This year the girls brought Santa up from the basement with our Christmas tree.  I nearly forgot we had him until he was sitting right in my lap.  Zoe and Ana don't seem nearly as creeped out by him (I can't speak for Nick).  He has a nice seat on our couch... and while I worry a bit about his "antique-ness"... the girls (and the cats) seem to be happy ignoring Creepy Santa.

So, welcome to our house Santa.  The memories you bring with you are priceless.  May you keep helping me make them for many years to come!