Job op: Chatham mom connects teens with jobs


I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager I worked. I was a junior counsellor at a small summer camp and I babysat a whole lot. But when my own daughter wanted to work when she was about 14, it was hard to find something for her to do.

Carole Bhalla, a Chatham mom, had the same experience when her son finished eighth grade.

“I knew this would happen,” said Bhalla. “Once they finish eighth grade, there are no more camps for them to go to.”

So Bhalla, whose other professional experience is in employee benefits,  did something about it. She created TeenJobsNj, a website that launched last week.  Bhalla found that there was little in the way of resources for kids in this situation and decided to create one.

The website works like this: teens can register with just their name and email address, and they are then able to view job listings. The listings are provided by employers, who pay $5 to post their job opportunity. Bhalla is also offering a chance for teens to post about themselves, for that same $5 fee, highlighting a special service or skill they’d like to showcase.

Traffic on the site has been busy, and as Bhalla said, reaction from the moms has been great.

No doubt they’re looking forward to getting their kids off the couch and into some new opportunities to earn money and build responsibility and work ethic.

“It’s really to help the community and the kids,” said Bhalla.