Jenkinson's is more fun with a friend! (giveaway)

As a Jenkinson's Ambassador I was provided with a voucher for my visit.  All opinions expressed are my own.

We took Ana to Jenkinson's Boardwalk 4 times last Summer... and she had fun each time.  But, Ana hasn't ever been a HUGE fan of the beach or rides... and I didn't think she would ever forgive us for that one time we got her into the fun-house.  (heehee)  With Zoe away at sleep-away camp all week... I decided I would take Ana and her friend Margo to Jenkinson's for a special day.  I started second guessing my plan... but I hoped for the best with Ana... and I was truly pleasantly surprised.

This time when we went I think Ana had more fun than all 4 of her last visits combined.  I have to credit the fun to having a friend along.  The beach was more fun... the rides were more fun... the fun-house was more fun... the aquarium was more fun.  I think the Italian ice was even more fun.


We started out on the beach.  The waves were a little rough for me to handle both girls by myself in the water... but they did a little wave jumping/running/chasing and a lot of sand burying.  I was actually ready to get off the sand before they were.


We gathered all of our things and headed up to use the little public showers to rinse off, and the little public changing stalls to put on our clothes.  The girls were more than ready for the rides... but adventurous rider Margo and hesitant rider Ana were having a very serious debate on where to start.  (Generally Zoe is my roller coaster rider... and Ana thinks It's a Small World is more excitement than she can handle.)  I wasn't quite sure how the rides were going to play out.  BUT, to my amazement... Margo agreed to Ana's slower choices and Ana agreed to Margo's daring choices.  AND Ana actually loved every single minute of it! The little ride that takes you up and then drops you down over and over again? (middle left pic) They went on that thing 6 times!!!  And we went on the HUGE swings 2 times.  This might have been the turning point for Ana (OR we need to take Margo to amusement parks with us every time).

Although I didn't get any photos... Ana actually agreed to go in the fun-house.  We had gone one time and she really hated it.  It gave her total anxiety and freaked her out.  I was pretty set on the idea that she'd never enter a fun-house again.  But... Margo wanted to go and told Ana she'd lead the way.  So... although hesitant... we took on the fun-house.  I had to take over the lead 1/2 way through or we never would have escaped... but when we got out everyone was all smiles and giggles.


We ended our day at the aquarium so that we could cool off a bit.  Ana and Margo ran around calling each other and pointing at things.  We spent most of our time in the aquarium watching sharks.  We just missed the shark feeding... but it seemed like right after they eat they're pretty active, so they were fun to watch.

We had a really great beach day.  In the car Ana said I was the best mom ever for bringing them to down the shore.  I think Margo had more to do it with than I did... but I'll take it!  :)

If you want to plan your own Jenkinson's trip… as a part of the Jenkinson’s Family Ambassador group I get to give one of you a Family Day Pass for Jenkinson’s Boardwalk!

Enter to win a one day pass, valid 7 days a week (excludes holidays).  Voucher is good for one day… wristbands for 5 people.  Pass includes use of amusement park, beach, bath house, miniature golf, aquarium, and fun house (Not valid for parking.)  Voucher expires 12-31-15.


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