It's Time for Lights!!!

We started putting up Christmas lights today. (And by "we" I mean mostly Nick with a little of my help and instruction... which I know he LOVES!) We started in the backyard with our 5 "Christmas trees".

Nick's method involves carefully situating the lights in specific places.
My method involves "flinging" from afar. (But really only for the high parts of the tree where we can't reach and other times just because it's fun!)
Even with our extremely different methods... it turned out pretty well.

We called it quits after those trees. It was cold and getting dark. Next weekend we'll tackle the wreaths on our front fence and the icicle lights (unless I'm feeling productive during Zoe's nap... then maybe the wreathes will go up during the week). I'll probably slowly pull out all of the indoor decorations, too.

Nick just walked through. He would like to add how he was never going to be one of those people who puts up Christmas decorations early... especially not the weekend after Thanksgiving... not even early in December. I wonder who convinced him it was necessary?