It's Show Time!

Last night, I goofed. As I was finishing putting up my daughter’s hair for her latest show [insert shameless plug here: Spotlight Kids Company, The Addams Family (Young@Part)— playing at Rose Hall on Kings Road, Madison, Fri Aug 2@7pm, and Sat, Aug 3@2pm and 7pm. Details at Tickets still available at the door.], she said, “Did you get me a stuffed animal for the show?” OOPS!

Three years ago, the summer my daughter was entering 3rd grade, she took a fun one-week summer camp at Mayo Performing Arts Center. During the week, the kids practice a play that they performed the last day. The show that year was The Little Mermaid, and Becca was cast at Sebastian, the crab. Each family had to put together their own kid’s costume. Nothing fancy or anything. They said she should just wear a red dress (which we fortunately already had!) and a headband that looks like crab eyes that we could make from pipe cleaners and cotton balls, which we did as we sat at her brother’s summer baseball game one afternoon that week. As we were looking online to figure out how to make the headband, I saw a Sebastian stuffed animal. I thought she’d like it as a little gift after being in the show, so I quickly ordered it in time to arrive on Friday, which it did. She loved it

Little did I know, I started a tradition. And, also, little did I know, she’d be in about 15 more shows in school, camp, and with various theater groups over the next three years (and many more to come, judging by her love of musical theater!).

Some stuffed animals were very easy to find.

Bagheera from The Jungle Book

Wickersham Sister (monkey) from Seussical

Moana in Moana

Others were a little more challenging and obscure, but I was still able to find them:

Lollipop Guild Munchkin and a Winkie from The Wizard of Oz (sorry, I could only find a photo of her as a Winkie)

Little Red Riding Hood from Into the Woods

Tootles in Peter Pan

Then you get the characters that you really have to get your thinking caps on for:

Donald (the helpful neighbor boy) in A Little Princess (Yes, I know, that’s Donald Duck, and she definitely NOT Donald Duck in the show, but cut me some slack!)

And sometimes you not only have to be creative, but you have to be crafty, too:

The Baker’s Wife from Into the Woods — I found a set of Pusheen the Cat and her little sister Stormy dressed as bakers. They both wore baker hats, but only Pusheen had an apron, so I made an apron for her little sister, and gave Pusheen to Becca’s friend who played The Baker, and Stormy to Becca as The Baker’s Wife.

Star-to-Be (who sings solo in “NYC” song) from Annie — I found a Bee, and made a glittery star, and wrote “2” on one side (get it — “Star-2-Bee”), and “NYC” on the other.

Valentine’s Day Cabaret — I made a clay microphone for the mouse to hold. (I was pretty pleased to have found a mouse wearing a pink and white striped dress like Becca had!)

So, now back to my goof last night. Becca is playing the role of “Teen Ancestor”—yes, basically a teenage ghostly being. If you need to find me, I’ll be the only one in the stores today hoping that the Hallloween decorations are out on August 2nd!


Despite the fact that it is August 2, I found a Halloween ghost at Tons of Toys! (I admit, I had to REALLY dig in the back of the stuffed animal bin, but when I came across a Christmas set, I knew there was hope!) I covered the little orange pumpkin on his belly with a piece of white washcloth that I cut into strips, and then hung it in a cardboard picture frame I made from my son’s shoebox. So, one day late for opening night, but Becca got her traditional stuffed animals! Hooray!