It's nice to say hello...

When I was little I spent quite a bit of time with my Great Grandma while my parents worked.  Mostly summer... I think some time after 1/2 days of school... when there were snow days.  I have really fond memories of that time.  I have memories of helping her cook the big lunches she would make (because my Poppy, Nanny, Pop George and Uncle Jig would all come for lunch break).  I have memories of stringing buttons (she had hundreds of buttons in a tin).  I have memories of soft boiled eggs and toast for breakfast.  And (among many more things) I have memories of sitting and watching The Magic Garden

I LOVED The Magic Garden. 

Now, you would only have memories of Carole and Paula (and Sherlock, Flapper, the Chuckle Patch, the Story Box.... ) if you lived in the tri-state area.  More specifically... if you had WPIX. 

A few years ago some random conversation had me thinking of the show and after looking on YouTube for a while I googled to see if there were any kinds of cds available.  I can't tell you how excited I was to actually find Carole and Paula had a site and had a dvd available (although to order direct from them you can't order online... you print the order form and "seal it in an envelope"... which I did).

The DVD and CD set came and I was thrilled when Zoe and Ana became obsessed with watching The Magic Garden.  OBSESSED.  It seemed like we didn't watch anything else for weeks. Over the last couple of years we've gone through phases where the DVDs get pulled off the shelf again and we repeatedly watch the 10 episodes.  (How I wish they would release more episodes!!!)

I signed up for Carole and Paula's mailing list when I ordered the DVDs.  I occasionally get little e-mails from them about different things.  Lately they've been sending little updates about this year being the 40th Birthday of The Magic Garden... and messages about live performances.  Last Tuesday I got an e-mail saying they were doing a benefit show on Saturday for the New York Children's Theater Festival.  Spur of the moment... I bought tickets.  So this past Saturday we went into NYC and saw Carole and Paula perform at the Marjorie S. Dean Little Theater.

The girls and Nick were excited.  I was EXCITED.  I can now tell you there is nothing quite like seeing some of your childhood favorites actually perform live on stage.  Especially when you get front row tickets!!!!

Unfortunately I realized too late that my camera battery was dead in both my dslr and my point & shoot.  The iPhone had to do.  So, my pics aren't fabulous.  But.... CAROLE AND PAULA!!!!

The representatives from the New York Children's Theater Festival wished Carole and Paula a Happy Birthday and the audience sang to them.

It was really an awesome children's show.  We sang.  We danced.  We watched clips of the 40 year old show.  They did a Story Box story (although they said the actually Story Box was pretty heavy... so they had a Story Bag).  We missed Sherlock and Flapper and the Chuckle Patch... but they were in the clips.  We had a great (nostalgic) time.

After the show they had a little reception and "meet & greet".  We were able to chat with Carole and Paula a little bit.  We had a poster autographed.  We got a picture taken.  They are such nice ladies.  Nick kept commenting that he couldn't believe what a down-to-earth small event it was (only about 100 seats in the little theater).  They could probably sell out a huge theater with all of their adult fans and their kids.  But, they seem to just do these small intimate performances where they actually get to meet and chat with every single guest.  So nice.  Definitely memorable for me... and hopefully my girls too.

If you ever have a chance to go see Carole and Paula you should definitely go.  I know that if I see they're performing again we would absolutely go see them again.  I loved them when I was little... and I still love them now.  It makes me so happy that my girls can love and experience something from my childhood.

Thank you Carole and Paula for such a great experience!