It's gotta improve... right?

So here is how my day started...

I went and bought a gift card this morning (at the bank) and I promptly and unknowingly dropped it out of my bag while chasing Ana out of the manager's office (at the bank).

(Side note...  One more way Ana is SO not Zoe. Zoe would have never randomly taken off at the bank and went visiting in the manager's office.  Ana is, like, all over the place ALL THE TIME.  Save me!)

So, anyway... nice right?  It's like I went and dropped $75 in cash on the floor and walked away.

Although I'm completely annoyed at myself and runaway Ana for the loss... I'm so thankful it was dropped at the bank.

By the time I got home and noticed I had lost the card the bank had already called and told me they were holding "something" I had dropped.  Now I just have to go wrangle Ana at the bank again so I can pick up the gift card that I have to have when I pick Zoe up from school in, oh, 20 minutes.

Wake up Ana, get in car, drive to bank, get out of car, get gift card, get back in car, pick up Zoe from school... and make sure I'm all smiley and happy when I drop off the gift to Zoe's teacher.

Ack... 20 minutes.

The day has to get better, right?