It's definitely Autumn... but it's not too late to visit Jenkinson's!


As a Jenkinson’s Ambassador I was provided with a voucher for my visit.  All opinions expressed are my own.

A few weeks ago, we had a Monday off from school. I took advantage of the amazing still-summer weather and grabbed the girls and a couple of their friends, and hopped in the car for a day at Jenkinson's.  We completely skipped the beach... and focused on rides, games, fun house, aquarium, and mini golf. (Phew... who would have time for the sand with all of the other things we wanted to do???)


The girls couldn't wait to get on the rides.  Having a friend with them definitely made the day that much more fun.  They couldn't get enough of the swinging, spinning, bumping, and zooming.  It's a good thing I'm a lover of rides too... or I would have been doing a lot of waiting around.  I have to say it made my day when one of the moms told me their daughter said it was SO COOL that I went on all of the rides with them.  I think their faces in the photos tell you they had a blast.  (Great thing about going in the Fall?  The lines are SO short!!!)


We took a break from the rides to check out the aquarium and mini golf.  As we walked down the boardwalk, we had to stop along the way for a treat.   Talk about a gorgeous day.  It couldn't have been better.


Once we finished up our Dippin' Dots (I had a yummy milkshake from the Sweet Shop myself) we headed to the Fun House (3 made it through... 2 of us needed to turn back.  Yo... clowns are scary!) and Pirate Ship Mini Golf.  The bigger girls played ahead since they were too good for us.  I stuck with the little girls and we enjoyed a pretty leisurely game.  I have to say... I just love the whole Pirate Ship theme.


We spent a little of our time (and everyone's money) playing games.   I have to admit I usually avoid games.  The more kids you have, the more games they want to play, the more money you end up spending.  But... everyone had a little money with them... so the girls were thrilled to take a few chances.  I even played a couple with them.  Are games easier to win in the Fall?  I don't know for sure... but I can tell you all 4 girls came home with a couple new stuffed toys.


We made it to the aquarium just in time for the Penguins' feeding.  We got a nice spot right by the window.  I think we all enjoyed watching all of the penguins and trying to figure out who was who.  The penguins all wear little 4 bead bracelets.  Depending on color you can find out their names (they have a photo slide show on the TV).  The beads even tell you if they were born at the aquarium or if they came from another zoo.  We spent quite a bit of time watching the penguins.  Seriously though... who doesn't like watching hungry excited penguins waddling around?


We finished out the LONG day with a couple rides the girls didn't want to miss... or wanted to do again.  After that we were completely wiped out.  We popped a movie into the DVD player and everyone was pretty silent and relaxed for the hour ride home.  (There was a little singing... we've all seen Descendants 50 million times now.  And, the songs are catchy.)  I think our day was a total success... and I'm already thinking it's something we should do again next Fall.


It's not too late to get a visit in to Jenkinson's!  The Aquarium, the arcades, and the Sweet Shop are open daily year-round.  And... the Jenks Club at the Pavilion is open Friday and Saturday nights and offer a lot of fun kid-free evenings (you can find their calendar of events at the site).

Some upcoming Jenkinson's events include:

October 17 & 18, 12-4 - Boo at the Boardwalk

October 24 & 25. 12-4 - Boo at the Boardwalk

October 24, noon - Perky's Pumpkin Derby

November 7 - Animal Adventures

November 12 - Aquarium Tea by the Sea

See further calendar of events on the Jenkinson's website.