It's Beginning To Look...

a teeny tiny little bit like Christmas.

With it only a couple of days past Thanksgiving we're not quite ready to make it look a LOT like Christmas... but I was ready for a little.  I'm ready for the festive feeling.  The excitement the kids get at decorating is just so spirit lifting.

So... we're beginning to look a LITTLE like Christmas. 

We couldn't help but start outside since it's not at all beginning to FEEL like Christmas.  We didn't even wear coats when we put up the lights.  That was really odd.  Usually we're freezing and have to take coffee/hot cocoa breaks to warm our hands.  I think it was in the high 50s if not 60 degrees today.  I think I know what it's feels like to decorate for Christmas in Florida now.

We did also put our tree up... but we didn't decorate.  Just lights.

There are random knick knacks that made it out of certain boxes.

We ate dinner with a pine cone sparkly painted Christmas tree centerpiece that Zoe made in preschool circled with a few candles.

We listened to a Christmas cd.

Bedtime stories are being pulled from the pile of holiday books we keep high on the shelf.

Joy the Elf joined us on Saturday (since every year she comes to our house right after Santa arrives in the Madison Holiday Parade). 

Hmm... maybe it's more than a teeny tiny little bit like Christmas.  Still, we haven't reach the level of a LOT like Christmas.  I'll let you know when we get to that.