It's Almost Pool Time


The Madison pool opens this weekend! I moved to Madison late last July so I didn't get a chance to partake in the pool. I was beyond excited to see families walking past my house en route to the pool, and a quick drive-by always showed happy faces and tired but tremendously satisfied kiddos.

I grew up with a pool in my backyard. It was the best part of my summer. When I moved to New Jersey a lot of my friends spoke about town pools and I became interested in their experiences. This spring I immediately signed up and I've been counting down until opening day.

Since I live within walking distance, I'm pretty certain I'll be at the pool often. I am excited to take my tiny tots to splash and be silly, and at 3 and 1, the scene is set for hours of play. But I'm also excited for another opportunity, which is to meet more of Madison.

Parents don't often go public with the whole idea of meet and greets. Let me go Jerry Maguire and scream 'show me the neighbors.'  I like showcasing socialization to my kids and I also love learning about the community from the people who reside in it. Some of my favorite Madison moments and spots come to me from the recommendations of locals. I'm ready for some poolside chatter and local love.

If you're ready for fun and/or desperate to tire the kids out, you can find me at the Madison pool. For those who are interested in schedules, fees, and/or general information, check out the pool's website. 

Here's to summer, Madisonians.