Is October over yet?

October has been extremely busy for us. I have had tons to do... and taken a lot of pictures (and yes Grammy and Grandma... I'm working on those baptism pictures!!!)

October has had us picking pumpkins, attending Bottle Hill Day here in Madison, going to Marcella's birthday (a cousin), baptizing Ana, and having a visit from our Florida family (Grammy, PopPop, Nanny and Pop George) on top of the normal "stuff". We've been busy... and October still keeps going. We're going to a Witches Brew Tea Party at the YMCA this afternoon, we have our Halloween party and parade at school on Thursday morning... and a party at dance class Thursday afternoon. Of course there will be trick-or-treating on Friday (candy candy candy) and we're going to a post-Halloween pretend pajama party on Saturday (the pj party without the sleep-over). Actually... I guess the pj party marks the beginning of November.

That said... boy am I ready to start posting. I'm trying to get some photo editing in this week so I can post now... but if I don't get to it I sure am ready for NaBloPoMo!!!