In Praise of Perspective: GO US


I took my Jersey girls to Buffalo for the week. We drove through snow and high winds to celebrate "Spring Break" with my parents. Due to work demands, my husband remained home. Traveling sans husband is an occasional necessity in order to maximize time and visit with a large extended family. While it's not my favorite thing to do, I enjoy the opportunity to take my tiny girl army on the road and make memories along the way.

But time away from the homestead and husband also grants me perspective into the daily routine. I become more grateful and acutely aware of our roles and responsibilities. Moreover, I recognize the leaps and bounds our relationship has undergone since our relationship first formed in 2003.

Time is strange. Parenthood is even stranger. While we eagerly planned and plotted for parenthood, like many, we underestimated the daily demands of our duties. Our time has become sacred and our relationship stronger. However, our dates are no longer spontaneous and our sleep is severely compromised. With this said, I live to crawl into bed and recap the antics and adventures inspired by our tiny tots.

I also like to recall life pre-kiddos because it's important to remember where we started and where we're headed. In fact, I like to note that we once showered, dressed, and ate dinner without interruption.

While separated this week I see the gaps in our team. This family we created is truly a partnership project. We're powerful together. And while we started as two separate entities, it's clear this company we call family needs needs to be co-chaired. I am granted greater appreciation for what we do and how we do it when we're apart. We coexist so easily and champion our strengths for the greater good of our girls. This isn't meant to be a love letter about me and my guy but more so a wake up and remember call for all of us.

It's entirely too easy to forget where we come from these days. Kids impact memory for a wide variety of reasons and it's challenging to carve out time for significant others. Even more so, it's a struggle to reflect. The latter is invaluable.

Apart from one another, I see the gifts and talents my husband has shared with us. I understand we need them in order to grow. I feel their long lasting impact in the hours after our departure. I imagine by the end of this week I'll crave them more than ever before.

It's a beautiful thing to gain perspective in parenthood. It's empowering to cheer and cultivate character and confidence in a relationship. So to couples and families who build and bond their love ones together on the daily, go! Celebrate the small stuff that inevitably makes a big impact on the ones you raise and rally around.