Imagine That!

I've been feeling terribly lazy lately. If it were just me I'd ride out the lazy feeling. But, Zoe has to deal with it too... and then I feel guilty.

So this morning... spur of the moment... we went to Imagine That! It's a "children's hands-on learning museum". I had been there numerous times on school and camp field trips, and also when I was a nanny. It's a fun place. This was Zoe's first time. She LOVED it.

She enjoyed the pirate ship, the sandbox, music area, large vehicles (a real airplane, car, firetruck and motorcycle) art and blocks. She wasn't at all interested in the post office, doctor's office, dentist office, grocery store or computers (which would have been surprising if the programs hadn't been from 1991!!! Talk about needing to upgrade!). Her absolute favorite by far was the dance studio... complete with tutu and tap shoes. It looks like the parent/child Tiny Tippy Toes class just isn't cutting it. She's ready for some real tap and ballet.

The only way it could have been more fun would be to have someone else come with us. Zoe wanted to join right into the group that was their on a field trip... and said "hi" to every kid that played in the same area she was in. It's only so fun to play with just Mommy. Next time we go I'm really hoping to bring a friend. (Anybody interested???)