What I'm really thinking...

When the kids were littler, school pickup was so easy. I got into a ridiculously long line about 20 minutes before dismissal, pop on a little NPR and wait until we inched up to our place and the teachers deposited the kids to the car door. Nowadays, there are two schools, four phones, and countless possibilities. Yesterday, after one kid debarked to the library, another insisted they needed to be picked up exactly 30 minutes after pickup and a third texted me that they were staying after but i was NOT (their caps, not mine) to leave -- a text received at Starbucks, mind you. The fourth kid helpfully read a text from someone else asking me if I had completed a task for them yet. I didn't say what I was thinking aloud, but it was this:  


It got me thinking. There are lots of times I have to censor what I'm thinking. But, I'd like to share them with you:

When they (the choir leader, the guidance counsellor, the workshop leader, you name it) say "Turn to the person next to you and greet them."

I think:


When they say:

“If we don’t have sno-cones at the school picnic, the kids won’t have any fun with the DJ, bouncy slide and 15 carnival games we rented.”

I think:


When the toy store highlights a slime making kit with glitter

I think:


When the new guy at the Starbucks gets my order wrong, again, and does it with a pained look that says "I don't care about you"

I think:


(You can get this on Etsy!)

And following that, patronize Drip Coffee, and Drip Coffee only!

I think I know where I get it. This one time, I sent my dad a whole bunch of recent New Yorker Magazines (I had put notes and reflections in the margins and I thought it was a great way to bond with my dad, who is probably a little bit of a hoarder to be honest.)

Here's what he thought: