I'm going to consider it a milestone.

We missed the bus today. I know that might not sound like a milestone to you.  Maybe milestone is the wrong word.

We have a first.

Zoe is half way through the 4th grade... and it's the first time we've ever missed the bus (without planning to).

I'm pretty impressed with myself (and the girls).  I mean... I'm almost never on time for anything.  (Unless I'm REALLY early... which is just weird.)  I'm usually late or rushing in out of breath.

But... we've missed the bus.  Nick is away so I didn't wake up when he was leaving for work.  My alarm wasn't on (weird) or it alarmed and I shut it off and rolled over.  And, neither girl came in my room to ask "are we going to school?"  They both slept late too.  All rolled up together... I guess we were just meant to sleep late.

And the girls... they both looked at me annoyed that I didn't get them to school on time (for the FIRST TIME EVER) and then they said "we can just stay home now right?"  Ha... no way.  I have to play catch up now.

I had to swear to my friend Beth that this is what happened... not that I was just skipping out on the VERY FIRST DAY we were going to take a Zumba class at the Y.  I personally think my unconscious mind knew I was taking my chubby body to exercise in the first time in forever and was rebelling against my motivation.