An Ill Prepared Housewife is visiting A Madison Mom

My mother raised me to get good grades, go to college, and find a job to support myself. I did all of those things, but I never stopped to look at what she was doing. Which is too bad, because it is exactly what I do now. When I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom. I thought I could really explore all those craft projects and games with the kids and finally develop into the great cook I had dreamed of becoming with more time at home. In fact, I quickly found myself drowning in all that craft detritus, dirty clothing and even dirtier dishes. And guess what, the beds don’t actually make themselves. Not unlike taking the mantle of Santa and the Tooth Fairy, I am the one who "magically"  "straightens" "everything" up and has the household  "humming along" when everyone else returns home from school or work. Only I don’t get a charming backstory. Or magical powers. I do have a few success stories I'll be telling you about: real world fixes for things like forgetting about dinner, getting through that mountain of laundry you hoped no one would notice or finding stuff (I'm really good at finding stuff because, well, I'm really good at losing stuff). And sometimes an epic fail makes for a great post too.

I live in Madison, NJ with my husband and four children, who are very quickly becoming taller than me. I'd like to share my take on mothering adolescents, being a failing but functional housewife and adventures in family life. I am a former news and entertainment reporter and I have a blog over at Ill Prepared Housewife.