If You Build It, He Will Come

In 1989 one of my favorite films was released. The fantasy sports film otherwise known as Field of Dreams would go on to become iconic. Years later we’re left with images of a baseball field full of magic and mystery.

I feel like Ray Kinsella these days. I approached Colleen, our beloved founder of A Madison Mom, about my dream of a site that connected parents to sitters and vice versa. Furthermore, I brainstormed a chance to provide snapshots of parenting and babysitting in a more personal and professional setting.

Would someone please “ease my pain?” Note: if you haven’t see Field of Dreams these lines are probably lost on you.

We’re offering a space for sitters to upload resumes and availability to parents. We’re offering parents a one-stop scenario where they can match and meet potential babysitters. In my field of dreams, I imagined “people will come.”

So where are you? Specifically, babysitters, where are you? I tell my college students that experience is everything. We’re offering practice interviews, resume writing workshops, local entrepreneur endeavors, and plain old-fashioned money-making opportunities to eager candidates. All you have to do is sign up for free. Can you imagine the pain over here?

I get it, I do. Life is busy. Demands are high. Calendars are chaotic. But this thing we're doing has legs. We want you to run with us.

I am knee deep in a bunch of projects and looking for consistent and responsible childcare. Perhaps we’re a match. And in this dream of mine, we might forge a relationship that extends beyond the scope of sitter scenarios.

I might need to hire you one-day post-graduation as a writer. I could be that letter of recommendation you need for an all-important internship. We could foster and flourish together.

Relationships are critical in the formation of our development and desires. We think this platform has potential and endless possibilities.

We’re free! All that we require is some time for sign up and the rest is history. Come join us. Until then I’ll keep dreaming in the cornstalks. Ray Kinsella was onto something.