I Swear I'm not Lying!

Zoe goes to a toddler program 2 mornings a week. (Thursday and Friday from 9-12) It's a nice little "break" where I mainly go food shopping, run errands (so much quicker without her!), and sometimes (dare I say it) take a shower all by myself (a LONG luxurious shower... and even shave my legs!!!).

Anyway, before I get sidetracked by the beauty of having a few hours on my own... let me stick to my point here.

We got to school about 5 minutes early today. A couple moms were chatting with one of the assistants. One of the moms commented about being pregnant, and (since we didn't know) we all replied with slight surprise. On being asked how far along was she told us she was half way there. She showed us her belly to prove it. It didn't do much in the way of "proof". She's tiny. My non-pregnant belly is much bigger than her 20 week pregnant belly. Very sad.

The conversation turned to how she was feeling and the second mom commented on how hard pregnancy is. The morning sickness, the back pain, the bloating, etc. etc. etc. All those pregnancy related issues. I mostly just did some nodding. On and on they went. Finally the second mom said "Any woman who says she enjoys being pregnant is just lying." At that time three moms and the teacher all chimed in on how true that was. I stood there biting my tongue, feeling I was the odd man out.


There, I said it. And I swear it is true. I loved having my belly swell. I loved maternity clothes (why don't they have regular clothes that are so comfortable???). I loved eating full meals and snacks and not worrying too much about weight gain. I loved reading online about what was happening at such and such a week. I was fortunate and didn't have morning sickness. If I felt nauseous I ate and felt better. I loved waddling around. When my feet bloated I laughed at them... and enjoyed wearing flip flops to work.

I think when I was pregnant... it was the first time in my life (since being a little little girl) that I felt completely comfortable in my body. I didn't feel chubby or oddly shaped. And the bigger my belly got... the happier I was with myself.

Now I will say my pregnancy... as much as I loved it... was not perfect. I developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Who knew that was a pregnant thing??? They said the bloating effected the nerves. So I lived with tingling and numbness in my right hand. They said it would go away after birth... and it slowly did.

I also had sciatic pain. Not constant. Sudden... and usually when I was walking and trying to get somewhere quick. I didn't enjoy those jolts of pain. But I gave birth... and they went away.

I was congested through my ENTIRE pregnancy. Another odd pregnancy thing I had no clue about. A mom friend told me she had the same problem. She said the moment she had an epidural the congestion disappeared. Same thing for me.

I missed alcohol. I longed for a pina colada. I craved a mudslide. I wanted a glass of wine. Oh well.

I know there are women who have very difficult pregnancies. My sister-in-law, Andrea, has 3 children. I believe she suffered from "morning sickness" through her entire pregnancy all 3 times. My other sister-in-law, Erica (my own personal pregnancy professional, as she was a Midwife) has 1 child. She was put on bed rest during her last trimester. Her blood pressure was very high. I believe she had pre-eclampsia (I'm horrible... can't remember these things). Even just blow drying her hair made her exhausted to the point she'd need to sit before her hair was dry. I truly know I was a very lucky pregnant woman.


I said it again. Now... why couldn't I say that when that mom said "Any woman who says she enjoys being pregnant is just lying."? I couldn't say it. I clammed up. Zipped my lips. Went back to saying good-bye to Zoe. I left the room feeling irritated. I felt like if I spoke up these women would automatically get all weird with me. Did anyone else really LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant? Or am I just lying to myself?