I still love my Kindle (and Amazon is AWESOME)

I got my Kindle for Christmas and immediately fell in love.  I totally love gadgets.  And reading.  So it's no surprise that my Kindle is one of my very favorite things. I will admit to you now though... it's not looking like I'm going to be very successful at my 100 books in 2010.  It's not that I'm not reading.  I have read 11 books so far this year and I'm about 67% finished with book number 12 (at least... that's what Kindle tells me).  So... 11 1/2ish books in 3 months.  That's a HUGE improvement over last year.  (I think I read 5 books the whole year.)  But, it's a far cry from the 25 books I probably should have read by now if I expect to hit anywhere near 100.  I will keep trying though.  My list is slowly growing.

I do want to take a minute to share a little customer service story... and explain my feelings on Amazon.

I've always been a fan of Amazon.  You can find just about anything there.  Their shipping is quick.  I always get what I expect to get.  I've never really had any reason to contact customer service.  But, about 2 weeks ago I realized that my beloved Kindle was developing some small cracks in the face plate right where the cover hinges attached. (I bought a leather cover to protect my Kindle which gets dragged around everywhere.)  After having a slight anxiety attack while wondering what in the world I would do... I checked Amazon for the warranty info.  I am not great at following along when reading warranty info (is anyone???) so I wasn't really sure if I would even have a chance of getting my Kindle repaired.  So... I called up customer service to see if I could get a better idea of what exactly all those warranty terms meant.  I was totally expecting them to give me a price quote on getting the faceplate replaced.  I am still not quite sure I believe what ended up happening.


Do you want to read that again?  Go ahead... right up there... all caps.

New Kindle.  No charge.

Derrick (my new customer service hero) told me that it occasionally happens.  He double checked my mailing info and the e-mail info connected to my current Kindle and then he immediately put in a new order to overnight ship me a BRAND NEW FREE KINDLE.  Oh, and it was shipped free.  Oh, and the return shipping on the cracked Kindle was free.  Did I mention how it was all completely free?  Can you believe that?

I think my heart just about burst with joy.

So... I still love my Kindle and I am absolutely madly in love with Amazon.

Amazon?  I love you!

As a total side note... I'm not the only one that loves my Kindle though.

Can you see in the 3rd photo that she knows exactly where to push the "next page" button?  I can't leave that thing for one minute without sliding the little button to put it in sleep mode.  I'd come back to find myself on a completely wrong page.