I shoulda bought a lottery ticket!

My e-mail is just full of prizes today!!!  Well... not FULL... but we're feeling awfully lucky around here today.

Zoe's school newsletter for December was e-mailed out just now.  Under the section titled "Box Tops For Education" it announced that Zoe's class was the winner of this year's first box tops contest.  Actually... it's says "we have an overwhelming winner."  "Just in November they collected over 260 Box Tops.  That is the greatest number of Box Tops EVER collected in a one month period by a class at 'insert Zoe's school name here'."  How awesome is that??? 

You know what truly makes it awesome???  Last week Zoe handed in 83 boxtops that we collected... and then yesterday we turned in another 96 (thanks mostly to Cara @ I Miei Due Bambini...  and my Aunt Pru... and a bit of last minute scavenging around the house).  Plus we sent in 20 more on the cut and paste handouts that were sent home.  (10 on each picture).  So we handed in 199 (if I counted properly) of those 260.  Woo Hoo!!!!!  Ice Cream party here we come!

I just got a comment/e-mail from Mrs. Kennedy (the creator of NaBloPoMo) telling me I was chosen (randomly) to receive one of the NaBloPoMo prizes!!!  The prize I was picked to win is a one year Flickr pro account from Mrs. Kennedy herself.  Eden Kennedy @ Fussy!!!  How cool is that???

Do you know what makes that truly cool?  I just got an e-mail from Flickr telling me my pro account expired.  I was trying to decide whether to renew it or not.  Perfect timing.  Now there is no decision to make.  Just an account to renew!

So... lucky lucky me.  Anybody else want to e-mail and tell me I've won something?  It certainly is a good feeling.