I Not Doin' Nupin!

That right there?  That is a girl who knew she was caught. 

To me... those eyes are saying "What?  Me?  I not doin' anyfing.  This is not YOUR blanket I'm using Mama.  Nope.  And you are imaginin' that I have this binky that is supposed to be in my bed.  And this bunny bear?  I did not get it out of Zoe Bo Boe's* room.  I dunno what yer talkin' bout."

* Just as an odd side note... Ana suddenly starting calling her sister "Zoe Bo Boe" today.  I don't know why.  I don't know what made her decide today was the day Zoe needed a nick name.  All I do know is that Zoe DOES NOT LIKE IT... and Ana seems to enjoy using it to get a reaction.  Fun times, I tell ya... fun times.