I know how that mom feels...

I've heard this song before.  Neil Brewer... Three Kids in a Car.  I haven't heard it in a while, but I've always found it funny.

I remember at one point a lot of the mom listeners of Kids Place Live were calling in and saying it was somewhat unlikable or inappropriate or not a proper interpretation of real life or something.  I don't remember... I remember thinking the arguments were ridiculous.  It is ABSOLUTELY how real life is.  And, maybe that's why those moms didn't like the song.  I don't know.  (sorry... babbling)

This morning it came on while we were driving to the Y... because I torture my children by signing them up to do miserable things like dancing and t-ball.  The nerve of me.

This morning when I heard this song all I could think was "I TOTALLY know how that mom feels.  TOTALLY.  Give me one more kid in the car and I AM that mom."

Go ahead... click play... and please tell me that this song isn't just about me.

Oh what a beautiful day.... (repeat, repeat repeat... because if you say it enough you start to believe, right?)