I had a much better time at BlogHer than my camera did... (3)

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Friday 8/6/10

Friday morning started with breakfast and the opening Keynote.  I finally started to feel like I was in New York for a purpose other than fun.  Sitting and listening really gave me a little focus on what my day might bring.

And once again... I got a little overwhelmed with the mere volume of bloggers all in one place.

The first session I attended was"Usability for Beginning Bloggers".  It was run by Abi Jones and    Tracy Osborn.  It was an beginner class... but I think I got a lot out of it.  It immediately made me want to redo my blog (AGAIN).  I did make some changes as soon as I got home.  I think my blog is looking a little more streamlined... a little easier to use... a little easier on the eyes.  What do you think?

After that session we had a lunch break... and I ventured out with Colleen and Kelly.  (I had sushi for the first time.  I'll say that I liked it well enough... but it was not added to my list of "very favorite things of all time.")

Colleen and Kelly

After lunch Colleen and I headed into the Expo Hall for a while.  The place was HUGE... and it was filled with amazing booths for amazing sponsors.  I have to admit that I'm still sorting through my last bag of "swag" 2 weeks later... er... almost 3 weeks later.

(Side note... We were back too late to go to the 2nd session.  I SHOULD have made a much better effort to make it to the session on Fighting Spam and Hackers.  Biggest annoyance of BlogHer?  My e-mail was hacked and my whole address book was sent spam.  My gmail was shut down.  Solving that issue while in NYC on wifi could be a whole post in and of itself.)

Some things I actually took a moment to take photos of in the Expo Hall... One of the Puffs kids demonstrate the quality of Puffs tissues versus another brand.

Colleen sat down with a dream expert while I took an online survey/quiz about making my bed.

I met the one and only Mrs. Potato Head!

After the expo hall I rushed off (a teeny tiny bit late) to catch a session on How to Take Great Photos.  Unfortunately it was VERY full.  The session seemed popular... and I think it could have benefited being placed in a larger room.  Oh well.

I decided to step into another session... since I knew of some of the bloggers listed on the panel and they had space.  The session was "Bringing Sex Out Of The Closet".  The panelists were AV Flox, Tess Danesi, Genia Stevens and Kristen Chase.  I didn't plan on going into this session... but it did give me some interesting things to think about as far as how to talk to Zoe and Ana about personal issues... and how important it is to talk about things in a way that makes them feel comfortable coming to me to talk or to ask question.  Are you ready for your kids to talk to you about sex?  I'm so not looking forward to those talks.

After the sessions I headed up to the room to relax for a little bit before getting ready to go to the Gala Welcome Party and Art Auction.

I went down to the Gala.  It wasn't actually an art auction right then.  It was actually more a gallery to view the art.  The Art Auction is actually happening now, on ebay.  More art is added each week.  So if you are interested in viewing and bidding go see the listings on ebay for bloghergulfauction.  There are really some amazing pieces.

I wandered around looking at the art.  I was very happy to find Jenny, The Bloggess.  She was on my list of people I absolutely wanted to find and meet... and I succeeded!  (Next year my goal will be to spend some time with her in the bathroom!)

I stood in line and waiting for Jenny to "read me" and type up a little poem, of sorts, on this little pink typewriter.  My poem says "You have skin like peavches and cream.  sticky, but delicious."

I asked the person behind me if they would mind taking a picture for me.  It's blurry and dark... and editing doesn't improve it... but I got a photo with The Bloggess.  :)

I wandered around looking at the art and looking around to see if there would be anyone to connect with.  I have to admit I was feeling a little lost again.  I was THRILLED to run into Casey.  Moosh In Indy was one of my very first and still favorite blogs.  She is every bit the nice person she claims to be.

Casey invited me to join her and her roommates for the evening.  While we were making a stop in their room Casey very nicely asked how I was enjoying BlogHer... and if I was having a good time... and I'm embarrassed to admit I got all teary.  It was really quite overwhelming to be alone in this crowded place and not really connect with anyone.  I will be forever grateful to Casey and her roommates, Kim and Sam and Emily , for turning my BlogHer experience around.  (And, I was beyond thrilled to meet Sam since I read her blog and follow her on Twitter, etc etc etc.  I'm not sure how I never found Kim or Emily before... )

I joined Casey and her roommates at The Striderite & Robeez party... where they had the yummiest tiny cupcakes.  Then we headed off in a cab to the Aiming Low EZPZ party.  We were able to get in for the last 10 minutes.  It was so very rushed... I'm not quite sure who I saw there... except I did get a peek at little Miss Annabel, and she is just as cute in person as she is in all of her photos.  Such a sweetie!!!

I walked back towards the hotel with Casey and Kim.  I split up with them a block before the hotel because I had an invite from Elise... who lives just a town over from me.  We may have passed each other around town without knowing it, but we had to go all the way to NYC to actually make sure we met!  Elise works for BabyBites.com and they were having a small party.  I was so glad I had said I would go... and stuck to my plan.  I met so many wonderful people at that party!

I ended up leaving that party just around midnight.  I was totally exhausted... and had really enjoyed a cosmo (or 3).  All I can really say is that Friday at BlogHer was a huge whirlwind of a day for me.