I had a much better time at BlogHer than my camera did... (2)

(Part 1 here)

Thursday 8/5/10

On Thursday afternoon Miss Banshee and I hopped on a train in Madison and the next thing I knew she had me in the lobby bar having a drink with the MamaPop people.  Amalah, Sweetney, Black Hockey Jesus, Goon Squad Sarah...(Again... NO PIC).  It was surreal to be surrounded by people you only know through written words.  That one gathering in that one bar is kind of how I felt all weekend.  I guess I was slightly awed at the fact that BlogHer pulled together this huge (2,400 people!) number of bloggers into one place.

Miss Banshee and I stayed long enough to finish our drinks... and then we headed back to the room to for what what ended up being a very over-scheduled evening (for me at least).  My first stop was to a party being hosted by NYCityMama at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

I was thrilled to meet (another) Colleen.  We had planned on meeting... and she was one of the few people I had exchanged cell numbers with in advance.  I was so happy to meet her in person.

Zoe was most excited by this picture.  She's a new fan to all the Disney music stars, and when I saw the Miley Cyrus wax figure I just had to get Zoe this picture.

As we were walking through the museum we came to a spot where all of the N'Sync figures were standing.  (You know... the boy band.)  As we were standing there I was waiting for this woman to take a picture.  She just kept aiming... and I didn't think she would ever take her shot.  I then realized she was wax too.   So... as impressed as I was with the realness of all of the wax statues... this random tourist figure was my favorite.  I was left wondering how many other statues I had said "excuse me" to.

We finished up at the Madame Tussaud's party (MUCH later than I had expected) and made our way back to the Hilton to catch the end of the People's Party.    (I totally missed the Schick Intuition party.)

From the People's Party we headed across the street to another private party (after receiving a last minute invitation from Loralee.)  All I can say about that party?  The hotel suite had a view TO DIE FOR.  Oh... and the swag bags were just full of awesome.  My favorite items in the bags... a Lisa Leonard bracelet, some Kristen Bowen products that smell AMAZING, and an orange tote bag by Hobo International that has quickly become my favorite bag.  But the view.... it was totally NYC at night.

I finished off Thursday night at the Hilton bar with a group of women making use out of the Bumpits that were also in those goodie-bags.  (Um... I didn't bring mine home... they got dropped off at the swag exchange room... ahem.) There was drinking, and laughing, and it almost didn't matter that my drink cost $14.50.  (yikes!)