I had a much better time at BlogHer than my camera did... (1)

I went to the BlogHer conference in NYC... and I think I've been putting off writing about it.  I think I'm just not sure what to say.

It was great fun... and it was overly intimidating.
I met some amazing people... and I met some, um... other people.
I felt like I was right where I belonged... and I questioned what in the world I was thinking going in the first place.

Maybe we'll just say it was a hugely overwhelming experience... an experience that I think I'm still processing?  An experience I'm glad to have had.

My main (and I think most important) observation?  BlogHer (and I'm sure any other big blog conference) would be best enjoyed by going with at least one person who you have made a true connection with before the conference.  Not necessarily an in-real-life connection (although that would be awesome) but a solid definite person who is your "home base".
***Um... prep for BlogHer 2011 - San Diego, CA...  Carrie?  Wanna be my person? My BlogHer buddy?  Dance the night away at Sparklecorn and CheeseburgHer with me?  :)

My second main (and also important) observation???  The DSLR is great... but BlogHer requires a nice small point-n-click, in my opinion.  I had these visions of getting some pics of me with some of my favorite blog people.  It's not so easy to take a self portrait with the clunky DSLR.  It's also not easy to hand off your big clunky camera to "strangers".  So... note to self... keep your eyes open for a handy little point-n-click.  Preferably one that will fit in a small party bag.

Now that I've made the point about the little camera... let me just point out the post title. 

1. I had (mostly) an awesome time.  The pictures I did take just don't capture that.  I was disappointed all around with the photos I came home with.  I do not do well with getting my camera to do what I want in hotel/conference/party type locations.  I found myself hugely frustrated with my camera. Grrr.

2. I got a few photos of people... but I'm actually quite sad that I missed the opportunity to get photos with most of the awesome people I met.  How did I not make myself get a photo of Casey and Kim and Sam and Emily??????  They saved my BlogHer!  And Miss Banshee.  She was my ROOMIE! I did not get one single pic with her!  And Jodi... I actually got to really talk to her.  (No pic.)  And Schmutzie... I happened on a random tweet and I was suddenly sitting with her at the closing keynote.  (Not even an iPhone pic) And Amanda... sweet lovely Amanda... who I most wanted to meet... and who I ended up passing in hallways in a rush more times than I could count. (Nope... no pic.)

So... I believe I had a much better time than my pictures show.  I so wish I had photographic proof (even just for myself) of more of the amazing people I was able to meet by stepping out of my safe little space in Madison, NJ.

***This has gotten long... and I haven't even shared photos yet... so I'm going to break it into parts.***