I guess they wanted the bed sheets changed

Zoe hasn't peed the bed in at least 6 months.  Before that it was a rare occurrence. 

Last night she peed in her bed at about midnight. She's sharing a room with Ana while we're on vacation... so I wasn't changing the bed then and waking Ana. So, Zoe went back to sleep in my bed.  Dry bed.  Dry underwear.  Dry pajamas.

Let me just say I didn't sleep well.  Zoe is one wiggly sleeper. 

At about 6:30 Zoe peed in my bed.  I was not about to search for new sheets and remake the bed at that hour while on vacation.  I grabbed towels from the bathroom.  I put a towel under the sheet and a towel over the sheet and told her to get back in.  Not really dry sheet. Dry towels. Dry underwear.  Dry pajamas.

We all got up around 8am.  We went in to get Ana (who had been singing in her crib for I don't know how long).  Ana's diaper was soaked through.  Another set of wet sheets and pjs.

I'm currently washing 3 sets of sheets from 3 different beds!!! ACK!!!
They could have just said "Hey Mom... we'd like some fresh sheets on the beds!"
I am going to be one tired cranky mommy today.  Too bad I can't take a nap since the sheets are all in the washing machine.