How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

The girls and I saw How to Train Your Dragon when it was in the movie theater, and we LOVED it.  We loved it so much that we bought the DVD as soon as it released.  I can't tell you how many times we watched that movie when we first got the DVD home.

This summer I saw some information about How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular and I remember thinking how cool it would be to actually get to see that show.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was offered tickets to see How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ.  I immediately accepted the offer.

After knowing I had the tickets I started to look at some of the photos and videos online.  The How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular site has some great visuals and information.  The more I saw the more excited I became.  But... the more I saw the more nervous I got about how the girls would really feel at the show.  No, not really the girls... how Ana would react.  So, I started showing Zoe and Ana all of the pictures and videos.  I started talking up how exciting it was going to be to see real pretend dragons.  We all sat through dozens of videos on YouTube (including a 4 part series on the making/behind the scenes/the actors/etc).

Zoe LOVED every minute of our prep.  Ana was A LOT LESS than thrilled... but she also wanted to watch it all.  I still wasn't quite sure how it would go at the actual show.  I was pretty convinced that either Nick or I were going to be hanging out with Ana in the concession area.

After a couple weeks of talking up dragons, last night we finally saw them.  Let me just tell you this... when they named the live show "How to Train Your Dragons Live Spectacular" they got it totally right.  The show was SPECTACULAR.

My pictures are not fabulous... but the dragons were absolutely amazing.

The lighting work and the projected backgrounds were also pretty awesome. 

 And, Hiccup and Toothless were just as lovable live as they were animated.

My photos just don't do the show justice.  This video... much better at showing the "spectacular"...

What did Zoe think about the show?  Well... since leaving IZOD she's barely talked about anything but dragons.  When you ask her "What was your favorite part of the show?" Her answer is "THE DRAGONS!"  I think it's safe to say she loved the live show as much as she loved the movie (if not more... since she walked out with a stuffed Toothless.)  She even insisted that her new friend Toothless had to sleep with her and then go to school in her backpack.  Her one complaint?  The live twins (RoughNut and ToughNut) were both boys.  In the movie they were a girl and boy.  She was pretty annoyed.
And what did Ana think?  Well... we did not have to take turns with her in the concession area... so that was a plus.  She watched the entire show and she only said "I think we should go home now!" once, and that was near the end during the battle with the HUGE and scary dragon.  I think she liked the show though... although she'll tell you she didn't "because I don't like dragons."  She was pretty insistent that she needed a "prize" before we left though.  She picked an Astrid doll (the only girl).  By the time we got to the car she was upset with herself for not getting a dragon.  So yeah, she doesn't like dragons.
And what did I think?  Well, I just wonder what I would have to do to get a turn riding Toothless.

If you randomly happen to have nothing to do this weekend, and you live in or around North Jersey, you should absolutely see this show.  It's still at the IZOD Center this whole weekend (9/29 and 9/30).  

Oh... and by the way... we found out while we were at the live show that How to Train Your Dragon is now a new series, Dragons: Riders of Berk, on the Cartoon Network.  I've already set my DVR!

Disclosure: We saw How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the IZOD Center with 4 complimentary tickets. In exchange I shared discount codes (on Our Thoughts on Things) with my local readers and an honest post-show review.  All of the opinions expressed are my own.