How to Survive a Snow Day


Last January, it snowed A LOT! I mean two feet in one day! Of course, that snow day coincided with the rare time my husband was away for a few nights. As I watched the snow prediction totals inching up as we braced for the storm, I figured I needed a plan to help us survive the next couple snow-filled days.

My plan started by finding the dry erase board and markers that actually worked. Then I numbered 1-30 all the way down the board as my kids watched in confusion. "Tomorrow we will be snowed in," I explained in a we-can-do-this type of voice. "Let's list all the things we have been wanting to do, but just never find the time to do." Still, more confused looks. "Ok. You know how you always want to make cookies, but we never seem to have time to do it? Well, we can do it tomorrow!"

Now they got it. The ideas started pouring out. Do a science experiment! Play a board game! Make mini pizzas for lunch! I explained that some of the things we had planned already, like a playdate with friends and hockey game, would go on the list, but they might need to be crossed off if they had to be canceled (which, of course, they did). I also reminded them that there were some things we HAD to do, like shovel the driveway and do our reading time. We each took turns thinking of something to go on the board. I explained that we would all do the activities together, no matter who picked the idea. My son chose to make Jello in the hockey player Jello molds we'd gotten the year before. He also wanted to play xBox (though I did add to try his sister's new dancing game). My daughter wanted to do a science experiment and make a craft.


I got to add my ideas to the list, too, which were to make soup in my new crock pot, make a welcome home sign for Daddy, and let Mommy sleep in. This, by the way, was genius, if I do say so myself. Because we had planned this out the evening before the storm, I was able to set out their cereal and show them how to make their own breakfast so I could sleep in!

The next morning, I heard the kids whispering about how much snow there was, and then reminding each other to let me sleep in, just before I dozed off for another hour. When I came down, they had already completed their breakfast, pulled out some board games they hadn't opened in years, and checked off "play a board game" from the list. The rest of the day, we slowly checked off items in random order, and added more as we thought of them. We watched a movie, made Jello molds, did a science experiment with food coloring, made snow candy from warm maple syrup, read, sorted out some books to donate, shoveled, caught snowflakes on our tongue, and even let Mommy sleep in! All in all, a pretty successful snow weekend!