How many is too many?

Zoe has a new obsession with strawberries. She will eat them at every meal every day (at least this week). The new thing that gets her out of Toddler school without a tear being shed is a small baggy of berries. If I want to quickly get her inside when I've had enough and she hasn't... I can offer a strawberry. If she will eat nothing else... "hey... how bout a strawberry?" They are suddenly a magical fruit. But... how many strawberries is too many strawberries? Tonight she ate a great dinner... a meatball, some noodles, some corn... it was a good toddler eating day. She got out of her chair after dinner and we broke out the new box of strawberries. Zoe had 3. She finished. "Berries?" She had a couple more. "Berries?" She had a couple more. And a couple more. Finally she became occupied with something else and I put the berries quietly away. The box was full... now it looks like this.

She literally ate 1/2 a pound of strawberries by herself!!!