Hostess Without The Mostest


As someone who used to work in food services through college, I have an idea of how to treat customers. Trust me when I say that I know it’s no easy feat to always accommodate a large party. Since we’ve been a family of six for a year now, I’m used to the looks we get when walking into certain restaurants. Some people give us the look of “WOW…four kids huh??”. Some people give us the look of “Maybe if we don’t make eye contact they won’t be seated by us”. Then there are the people who give us the look of “How nice…a husband and wife out to eat with their kids.”. On this particular instance, we were out to eat for my middle son’s birthday. He chose the place so we(my 6 plus my mother) got into the car and headed over to the restaurant.  Although I'd like to name the establishment, I'm chasing to be the bigger person and not put them on blast!

As we walked up and approached the hostess stand, I found the hostess staring with pretty wide eyes at my 4 kids. Now, I will say we do make an entrance whenever we walk into somewhere but not in the circus clowns riding unicycle way. We make an entrance because we’re a large group and take up a good amount of space. I’ll also say my children are not angels but I know and acknowledge when they’re misbehaving. On this day, they were being their normal selves with the exception of my middle son who was telling my husband, quite excitedly, about his birthday celebration at school.

Now, back to the matter at hand. When the hostess greeted us we told her there were 7 people in our party. We said we needed 6 chairs and 1 high chair. She told us to follow her. As soon as I saw where she was headed I turned around and told me husband that there are not tables big enough to fit us where she was going. I figured I’d give her the benefit of the doubt because we hadn’t been there in a while so maybe they changed things up. NOPE! She brings us to a table that has 5 seats around it. When my oldest son said “we need 6 chairs” she proceeded to snap at him and say “I’m planning on getting another”. She brought over another chair and squeezed it in, barely. I next brought up the fact that we still needed a high chair and she again snapped back and said “they’re over there and I’m going to get it now”. I knew before she even left that the high chair was not fitting and call me crazy, but I didn’t want the baby sitting behind us at the table! I finally told her this table wouldn’t fit us and we wanted the baby sitting with us. She snatched the menus up, huffed and puffed, and said “fine…I’ll just bring you upstairs!”.   So, up the stairs we went!

As we were heading up the stairs I knew exactly how this venture was going to end but I kept saying to myself that my son specifically asked to come here so just suck it up! But…there is only so much I can take! Here we are, upstairs, bypassing a large UNOCCUPIED table and heading straight for a midsize one. We squeezed everyone in, sat down, and began looking at the menu. There we sat…for 15 minutes, looking at our menus. We watched 2 other tables sit down and have a server attend to them and we had no one. Not even one person to tell us our server would be right over. That was the last straw. I looked at my son and asked him if there was another place he’d like to go for his birthday dinner. He quickly said he wanted to head over to our favorite hibachi spot! DONE! We shuffled out of our booth, walked past the hostess who treated us so rudely, and headed out! She, not only DIDN’T ask us why we were leaving or if she could do something to help make our experience better, but she DID say “POOF…GONE” to a fellow worker, loud enough that my oldest son told me how rude she was being! I like to try to take experiences and learn from them, and in this case it was a homerun! As we were driving to hibachi, which was a more fun dinner for him anyway, we all spoke about how to properly treat other people and how when you have a job, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you need to be professional and polite to others. So I say thank you to that hostess without the mostest! Thank you for being oh so rude and showing my children how NOT to act!