Hip Dysplasia Follow-Up Appointment

We were to see Dr. Rieger (pediatric orthopedic specialist) for Zoe's scheduled 6 month follow-up x-ray regarding her hip dysplasia. (If you're reading this and thinking "huh? what is she talking about?" please click here.) First... the appointment went VERY well. Yeah Zoe! Way to grow those hips!

We made it to our appointment on time (a small feat lately). We checked in and then sat in the waiting room enjoying their new flat-screen wall-mounted very big TV (which I think we paid for). Thank goodness it's a pediatric office... so we got to watch a little Blue's Clues. A whole episode since they got to us 20 minutes late. So... bad they were running late (as usual) but at least they've realized if they're gonna run late you better have some entertainment for those kids! One time we waited for over an hour in the waiting room and then another hour in the exam room before getting looked at for 5 minutes. How I wish they had that TV then! But, I guess I hadn't paid for it yet.

They called us into the exam room and in less than 5 minutes we were brought into their x-ray room. Amazingly Zoe was very still on the table and let me hold her ankles together while they snapped the picture. She took her cousin Avery's lead and made sure to say "cheese" for her x-ray. She was so good they gave her a rubber ducky... which she has carried around for the rest of the day.

After a bit more waiting Dr. Rieger came in with the x-ray. He informed me that Miss. Zoe still has "perfect" hips. He went into the whole angle measurement, alignment, symmetrical stuff... mainly saying "If I saw these x-rays and wasn't told what had been wrong with her I'd never guess she ever had a problem." He also commented that Zoe had really made him earn his money this time. She was no small case.

So now we don't go back for a whole year. It's strange since during her first year we spent sooooo much time in his office, or at the hospital getting hip ultrasounds, getting x-rays, getting harness adjustments, getting cast checks, etc. etc. etc. We had such a year of flip flopping of good hips/bad hips/good/bad. Even after her first birthday we had a slight setback and had to do the brace for sleeping. Now... we don't go back for a whole year. And even then... the appointment will be the same as it was today. Quick and painless... and maybe by then they'll have small TVs in the exam rooms? We can hope.