Hi Sasha's Mom!

Since Zoe is back to her school program I usually spend some of my "alone time" food shopping. As I walk up and down the aisles I usually see at least one Mom of one of Zoe's classmates (because we all enjoy food shopping alone while they are in school... it's Heaven!). We acknowledge each other, maybe chat a tiny bit and continue down the aisles. Occasionally I come across another Mom I recognize. Usually it's someone from one of our YMCA classes. Sometimes if we can sense we recognize each other we'll say hello... other times if we can't quite place each other (outside of "hey, that's a mom") we just smile and move on (hey... our quiet alone time in Heaven in limited!)

Yesterday, across the produce area, I saw a Mom I recognized from a Y class from before last summer. Too far away to say hello... and you're not going to catch me waving across the produce section to get the attention of an acquaintance from 6 months ago (or a good friend for that matter... remember... alone time). So I just continued shopping.

I made it all the way to the frozen food section where this other Mom and I met up. She started with the awkward "Hi... aren't you Zoe's Mom? We had a class together at the Y... etc." I responded with the equally awkward "Yes, and you're Sasha's mom***... how are you?" After the required polite chat she suddenly said something that gave me a slight shock. "I just wanted to say I found your blog online."



Actual real life people that I am acquainted with might actually be reading. I mean I know my Mom reads (Hi Mom!) and my in-laws (Hi Mom and Dad!) and my husband (Hi Nick!). I know that when I share Zoe's pictures through Snapfish monthly I include the blog site address (Hi friends and family!). (And by the way... where are your comments friends and family... I know you're out there). I also know that I've gathered (accumulated? attracted? made online friends with?) quite a number of regular readers... people from all over the world who just happened across my blog and enjoyed my stories.

This was the first time someone actually came up to me and let me know she knew me and she'd come across my blog. After the initial shock (which lasted all of .3 seconds) I listened as she explained her new baby girl (born last spring) had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was in a pavlick harness. She'd done a search and came across the post I had done which gave a brief Zoe/Mommy history. She said she read a bit and suddenly realized "Hey! I know her!". We chatted for 5 or 10 minutes. We talked about how her daughter was doing in the harness, how Zoe was doing, and realized they are going to the same orthopedic doctor (simultaneously commented on his recent mountain man beard). She said it was nice to see how Zoe was and that she was now a "normal toddler"... running, jumping, climbing... no hip trouble. I told her how 2 years ago I couldn't find much of anything online about hip dysplasia (mostly medical sites... and very few of those)... and now when I did a random search I would come across tons of information, especially from Mom's just telling how they coped... and how their kids are. It was nice to hear that something I wrote helped someone a little bit.

I have to laugh a little at one thing she said. She said something like "don't worry, I'm not spying on you." It struck me as a little funny. I can see where she's coming from... there are a lot of people out there reading and not commenting. (I know you're there... site meter tells me so! Over 6000 visits... but nowhere near 6000 comments!!! Quit lurking people... comment a little!) But, I don't consider it "spying". I'm out here in the internet writing in the hopes of being read. I would love for people to comment if something strikes them... but I'm happy to know that some people are out there getting something out of what I have to tell.

So... Sasha's Mom***... and whoever else is out there... feel free to keep coming back. I really do hope you all enjoy keeping up with Zoe's (and my) happenings and developments! And, if the mood strikes you... leave a comment, or send me an e-mail!

*** Why is it I can remember every single kid's name in no time... but for the life of me can never remember a Mom's name????? We should be given a lovely name tag pin when our children are born. One that says our name and kid's name. You know "Hi, I'm Colleen. I'm Zoe's Mom." or "Zoe's Mom aka Colleen".