Hey, Cupcake!

Zoe and I went into town this morning while Ana was at school. We needed to go to the toy store to pick out presents for the cousins and a gift for Ana from Zoe. We were pretty quick with our shopping and were off to head home.

But... we had parked right in front of Hey, Cupcake!  (Ok, we had parked 2 or 3 stores down the street from Hey, Cupcake!  And, well... across the street.  But I won't tell if you don't.)

Anyway, ahem, we had parked right in front of Hey, Cupcake! and Zoe decided we should go in. (Fine, fine, fine, I asked if she wanted a cupcake and she said "we didn't have lunch yet" and I said "well... I'm the mom, let's have a cupcake.")

So... we decided to have a cupcake, or, um, 12.  Well, they all looked so delicious that we (I) decided that we should get a variety of the mini cupcakes so we could try them.

I can tell you that the pumpkin was yummy.  Zoe enjoyed her gingerbread.  It was a lovely carrot cake (although I do prefer my carrot cake without nuts).  And... when Ana got home from school she enjoyed this...

Simple chocolate cake with buttercream icing (I think) with a Christmas theme.

I say "I think" because once I gave it to her... she did not give me time to check to see if it was buttercream.

She also did not let me taste the chocolate cake.

She did leave me that one crumb.  (I swear to you... I did not eat that one crumb.  I DID think about it... but I did not eat it.)

Thank goodness I bought a couple duplicate Christmas cupcakes since I figured Ana and Zoe would like those best. 

Would it be rude for me to sneak a teeny tiny taste BEFORE I give them their cupcakes???

Oh well.  Gotta go.  There might be a cookies and cream mini cupcake calling my name.

(Oh... and this is totally not a sponsored post.  We just bought and ate a few... ok, a bunch of cupcakes today.  All I can think of is cupcakes right now.)