Hello from the Sunshine State!

Yes, you read that correctly. We're in Florida. I just thought I would pop online with a quick sunshiny hello. It is currently almost 70 degrees and sunny, but overcast. Go away clouds... shoo shoo!

I'm barefoot and thinking I could use a pedicure... or at least a little toe polish. I think I may have actually packed some just in case.

Zoe and Grammy are doing a little coloring. Ana and cousin Grace are snoozing. Aunt Prudy is doing a word search in her book.

Nick is off with my dad seeing if they can get a look at the shuttle at the Canaveral launch pad. It's going to launch tonight at about 7:30. Then I believe they were going to drive through the researve area and see if they could get a glimps of some alligators. Since none of us females joined them... there may very well be a stop involving beer.

So... relaxing. Just sitting with my feet up blogging away on my mom's laptop. (note to self... I might need a laptop.)

Our activities so far...
*We arrived Saturday.
*Sunday we went to Grace's 1st birthday party at my brother's house.
*Monday we went to Gatorland. A trip to Florida is not complete without a few alligators.
*Today, Tuesday... seems to be a lazy day.
*Today is also our 7th anniversary. Nick and I were married 7 years ago. 7 whole years people! Tonight we are leaving the kids home with the grandparents and we're going out for dinner and a show. We're not sure where we're eating... but last night we bought tickets online to see the Blue Man Group. So, we'll be eating somewhere near the theater at Universal City Walk.

I'm going to try to check in a few times while I'm on vacation. I might post a little. You won't get any photos until I'm back home though. I think that I will mostly just update facebook occassionally and do a little extra commenting on other blogs.

Gotta run. My toes are calling for a little polish!