Healthy Growing Girl

We had Ana's 4 month old well baby check up yesterday. Other than the vaccines causing some cranky crying demanding baby to come take her place for the rest of the day... Ana's check up went perfectly. I mean, look at that picture. Can you imagine that girl being cranky? I don't think so. It was all the fault of those mean shots.

Ana is back to herself today. She actually went into her crib last night at 7pm (she usually goes at 10 or 11 after some Mommy and Daddy TV viewing). She stayed asleep (except for an 8:30 binky replacement) until 12:35 when she woke to eat. Then she woke again at 5am to eat. Then I woke her just before 9am to take Zoe to school. Vaccines make my kids VERY cranky for a few hours... and then it turns them into Sleeping Beauty. I suppose it's not a bad deal.

Tonight she was in her crib just before 8pm and she's still happily snoozing at 9:30. Maybe we've turned a bedtime corner. Time will tell.

So, all is well with my chunky monkey Ana banana. On to the stats....

Ana at 4 months...
Length - 25 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
Weight - 14lbs 7oz (75th percentile)
She actually had 6 immunizations combined into 3 injections and 1 oral medication.

And for comparisons of my own interest (even though, yes, I know... you're not supposed to compare your kids... they're all different... blah blah blah).
Zoe at 4 months...
Length - unknown (she was in her pavlik harness)
Weight - 12lbs 12 oz (40th percentile)
She only had 5 immunizations because they didn't have the oral (Rotavirus) vaccine then.

So... Ana is a whole 1lb 11 oz heavier than Zoe was at 4 months. Looking ahead in Zoe's chart... I can tell you that Zoe was 25 1/2 inches at 6 months. Ana is that same length 2 whole months earlier. Guess I shouldn't be at all concerned about my breast milk production huh?

And Zoe... you better be nice to your sister... she's gonna outgrow you any day now.